2015-16 Lead Designer Inhouse design for the Bargain Superstore

As a Lead Designer at Fyndiq I had an overall responsibility for the look and feel at the company. As the company works with “B2B2C” and have a strong inspiring internal employee culture it was a challenge to combine AND separate the different looks and feels for the brand. A fun bargain feeling for the Consumers, a more serious feel for the Business-customers and a playful/joyful look for the workers inside of Fyndiq.
So everything from the site itself, apps, banners, presentations etc. was both produced and designed by me and my team. This is some of it.

The big brand book Cover
The big brand book Logotype rules
The big brand book Fonts
The big brand book Two of many colors
The big brand book Image guidelines
Fyndiq Start page Concept
Fyndiq Mega menu Concept
Fyndiq intranet Login
Fyndiq intranet Start
Fyndiq intranet Search
Fyndiq intranet Tone of voice
Fyndiq Merchant relations site Start